Features To Consider When Purchasing A Hunting Rifle

With a wide variety of popular hunting rifles to choose from, how do know what the best hunting rifles are for your needs? Here is a quick look at five of the most important features to consider when choosing your next hunting rifle.

Before we get started, keep the following information in mind. When you decide to purchase a rifle, keep in mind that you will also need to make certain you have a safe place to store your rifle and ammunition. In addition, you will need to ensure that it is legal to own a hunting rifle where you live without applying for a special permit. Finally, it is important to choose quality best hunting rifles that is equipped with the latest technology. Lower quality rifles are often made of cheaper materials that are uncomfortable to use and are more likely to jamming.

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Barrel Length

There has long been a debate over how a barrel’s length can affect its accuracy. This is what you need to know. Short-barreled rifles are lighter, which makes them easier to carry, while longer barrels usually improve accuracy and velocity. However, the use of a scope essentially makes this a moot point, so choose the barrel length that feels best to you.

Telescopic Lens vs. Iron Sights

According to Wiki, hunting rifles come with one of two scopes. Telescopic scopes or sights use a series of lenses to magnify your target and dramatically enhance your precision, which is why most hunters prefer them. On the other hand, they aren’t particularly favorable for quick firing and they provide a limited vision field. Irons sights tend to come in handy when hunting in bad weather.

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Triggers

A single-stage trigger is often heavy and less accurate, though some old school hunters do like them. To fix the problem, manufacturers had created the “hair trigger”, which was prone to accidental firings. Now, the two-stage trigger is available and allows you to mechanically switch between a lighter, yet more accurate trigger and a heavier, yet safer trigger. This is particularly beneficial for novice hunters because it allows them to get comfortable with both trigger types.

Recoil Pad

To prevent rather nasty recoil injuries, today’s hunting rifles should be equipped with recoil pads. The ideal recoil pad consists of a piece of leather, rubber, or foam that protects you from kickbacks, while also allowing you to focus on your target. Unfortunately, the recoil pads on most factory rifles can vary from pretty good to almost nonexistent. If your recoil pad leaves something to be desired, you can always replace it with one that is made of a higher quality, such as one made by Pachmyer.

Synthetic or Wood Stock

While a synthetic stock has plenty of advantages, including increased durability, the ability to withstand elements that would cause wood to crack, and decreasing the weight of the rifle, a wood stock definitely looks better. For most hunters, the look is more important.

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