Which Type Crossbow Should You Choose?

If you are looking for hunting crossbows, you are not alone. Some of the best crossbows on the market are favored by men, women, and children for hunting, thanks to how easy they are to use and how much they resemble a rifle. If you are somewhat new to this field, please try to get some good advice from professionals. From our side we suggest you to go through this basic guide when Buying a Crossbow. This might help you selecting the right one. For our web store we hand picked the best crossbows based on popularity, ratings and reviews by customers. For Recurve go here and for Compound go here.

Before you decide to purchase, you need to decide whether a compound crossbow or recurve crossbow best meets your needs.Here’s a quick lesson on the major differences between the two.

Please note that crossbows, whether they are compounds or recurves, are not legal in all areas of the country. Before making a purchase, check your local laws and regulations, as well as those of any locations you plan to hunt.

Compound Crossbows

As with a traditional compound bow, a compound crossbow is a bit more complex than a recurve bow and has cables running through a set of cams (wheels) in the limb assembly. As a result compound crossbows tend to have shorter limbs, which is ideal for hunters who will be maneuvering through tight spaces or sitting in small spots for any period of time. However, this complicated stringing method may be too awkward for some users, especially if they are new to bows. On the flipside, this type of stringing system tends to make it easier to draw back than a recurve, while also storing more energy.

Compound crossbows almost always have more power than a recurve crossbow, even if they are the same draw weight. It is also worth noting that around 90 percent of modern crossbows are fast enough to hit a deer with no problem, according to Wiki crossbows. Unfortunately, if something happens to your compound crossbow when you are out in the field, your hunting trip is essentially over because cables and strings are impossible to fix in this type of setting.

Recurve Crossbows

A recurve crossbow, just like a traditional recurve bow, has strings that directly attach to the limbs of the bow. This usually means that a recurve crossbow has a longer bow, as well as a longer draw length. Not quite as powerful as the compound crossbow, a recurve crossbow is perfect for children, women, and men who are just beginning to use a crossbow.

There are a number of benefits associated with using a recurve crossbow, including the fact that they are lightweight, better balanced, which allows you to quickly take aim, and require much less maintenance and service out in the field. However, they can be difficult to cock, which is a problem that can be easily solved by purchasing a cocking mechanism to help you.

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