Selecting The Right Hunting Knives For Your Trip

Any hunter will tell you that having a high quality hunting knife is crucial out in the field. Of course, there are so many options available on the market that selecting the right one can seem like an almost impossible task. Your best bet is here without much of your efforts you could pick the right ones from Hunting Knives Amazon. You may also try top rated and most popular hunting knives listed on our website. To make it easier for you to choose the best hunting knives for your needs, here are the three things you need to most consider.

Fixed vs. Folding Blade

Known for their ruggedness, fixed blades are best equipped for heavy jobs, such as cleaning and cutting. They tend to be heavier and bulkier than other knives. On the other hand, a folding blade (pocket knife or lockback) can be used for most general hunting tasks. They can be found in a wide variety of sizes, as well as with an array of different locking mechanisms.

While you need to be able to safely transport any type of knife, this is certainly true in regards to a fixed blade. Make sure it always has a sheath covering it and that it has plenty of space in your pack. Overall, lockback blades tend to the safest to use and can handle most general hunting tasks, though they are also larger in size.

Blade Point

Though you may see a few more options, here are the three primary types of blade points you are likely to come across on the market today.

 Drop point: Designed to prevent the hide from being accidentally punctured and for a quick clean, this specialized blade is almost exclusively used for cleaning and skinning.

 Clip point: Perfect for making small and very precise punctures, a clip point has a very fine point that can also be used for a wide variety of hunting, camping, and everyday tasks. For hunters, the clip point is definitely an all-around knife needed in your arsenal.

 Skinning: Although they are primarily designed to quickly and efficiently separate the skin, a skinning blade can be used for other camping type chores as well.

Grips/ Handles

Don’t forget about the importance of choosing a good handle. There is definitely more to choosing a handle/ grip than simply looking at a knife’s appearance. Grips made of nylon and polymer material tend to provide warmth and hold better, while bone and wooden handles look nicer, but can be cold to the touch and slippery to the touch thanks to their metal trim. With that being said, you should also opt for the best hunting knife that fits and feels most comfortable in your hand.

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