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Know More about Crossbows before purchasing

Modern Crossbows are of many types and styles, offering crank cocking devices, illuminated scope, anti-dry fire, ambidextrous side-mounts, carbon fibre barrels and synthetic strings.
The most of which available in today’s market are easily adjustable for either right-handed or left-handed use, depending on which side feel most comfortable to you as the shooter.
In we have listed the affordable but popular ones those having high ratings and great customer reviews. Among all Barnett is the most popular manufacturer and the pioneer of Modern Crossbows. Read the rest of this entry

Beginners Tips to Choosing a Hunting Rifle

Choosing the right hunting rifle is paramount if you are to have a fulfilling hunting experience. Unfortunately, many beginners may not know what to look for when selecting a rifle from the enormous collection or even where to buy the gun. When shopping for a rifle, you must keep in mind hunting guns come in different shapes, sizes and are made from varied materials hence their prices vary. These variables determine the feel, fit as well as the ability to shoot. Ultimately, they make the process of picking the rifle daunting and exciting even for experienced hunters. The choice of your hunting rifle depends on a blend of factors that must be observed. Most importantly, you will need to be sure of the purpose for which you require the rifle as every type of rifle is designed for a specific kind of target. Here are a few tips to help beginners find the best rifle possible: Read the rest of this entry

Selecting a Crossbow right for you.

The best ways to select your ideal crossbow?
Will you be using your crossbow for Hunting big game or small game or just archery target practising?  Your height and upper body strength will certainly play a big role in the choice that you make for a crossbow. Checkout the differences between a compound and recurve bow and then make your preference. It mostly depends on how experienced you are, what are your restrictions, and overall feel of the Crossbow.

Why choose Crossbow?
It provides a very different experience, techniques and feel that you can not get with other variety of weapons available in today’s market. It does not produce chemically charged loud noise like a gun. It is natural and peaceful. Sound travels quickly, and you do not wish to scare your prey before you have had a possibility to shoot couple of arrows. The crossbows listed on this site are reliable, from reputable manufacturers and we are certain you will enjoy the experience. Read the rest of this entry

Hunting Rifle and Hunting gun safety

There are lots of reasons that a hunter could get seriously injured, but the leading cause is inappropriate gun handling. Worthy to mention that a good number of hunters disregard crucial safety preventative measures when hunting and do not take appropriate care of their weapon. Hunting related injuries or fatalities are becoming all too common these days and many individuals seem not too worried about the fatal realities of these occurrences. The sensible hunter, nevertheless, takes careful note of all of the safety precautions involving his/her weapon and discovers the essentials of gun safety for hunters.

One of the very first basic laws of Hunting safety is to always assume that the gun/rifle is loaded and so assume the dander such as accidental trigger action. In regards to having a gun in general, one need to never ever presume that it is unloaded. One need to never ever be flippant with a weapon or wave it around, point it at others or work thoughtlessly with it. There is always the unintended opportunity that something might happen as a result of any gun powder residue or other possibilities, giving the odds of an unsafe event. Instead, just deal with the gun as if it is constantly loaded and be on the safe side. Read the rest of this entry

Purpose of Hunting Blinds

Possibly nothing is more frustrating when the Hunter’s presence is recognized by the Prey. When your target sees you, smells you or notices your movement, it will not be long that it disappears. One way to get an advantage over your prey is to make use of Hunting blinds. Hunters take advantage of blinds when hunting a range of targets like deer, waterfowl and turkeys.

 Some might be aware that native Americans used to create blinds by digging holes in the ground and covering themselves with tree limbs. For many years, Hunting blinds have actually developed from experiences into the kind you may recognize today: a boxy or rounded hut covered in camouflage. These system of Blinds can greatly increase your hunting success and improve your self-confidence level. Read the rest of this entry

What should you carry in your Hunting Gear bag?

Your hunting gear largely depends on what you’re hunting, where you’re hunting, for how long you’ll be hunting, and what season you’ll be out.
Gear for a spring turkey hunt is quite different from a deer hunt you might plan for tomorrow. For some, survival equipments might hold less of an importance than water, a treat, weather-appropriate gloves and headgear, whatever calls/scents you might need, and a drag rope if you are hunting on a private land that has urban sprawl all around. Everyone has different preferences on their hunting gear and the list below is a reminder only. Simply go though it and think what you exactly need in your back-pack for your hunting trip.
1) A decent sheath knife, small pocket knive, hobo knife and a sharpening stone.
2) Something you can boil water in (Metal cup)
3) Non-perishable food such as energy bars, trail mix, etc.
4) Snare with and some cordage
5) Small roll of TP Read the rest of this entry

A quality knife for a is a must. It is essential to do many things including splitting and skinning through the ribcage and bone of an animal. It is quite imperative for you to consider the way you will use a hunting knife and the type of game you plan to hunt, when looking for a hunting knife. On this site we have listed the top 5 Hunting advised by the professionals.

You need to determine the size of knife you want and how you will carry the knife (do you want to keep it in your pocket or carry it in a sheath)? However, unless you want to slice your leg open, it is a bad idea to carry a large fixed blade knife in your pocket.

Another important factor for consideration when choosing a hunting knife is your budget. There are varieties of hunting knives on the market with different prices to choose from and you want the best knife possible for your money. Fortunately, any type of hunting knife you choose will serve most of your hunting assignments. Nevertheless, if you have passion for trophy mount, you may need a second knife. In this case, buy capping knife. Read the rest of this entry

First Aid for Hunting Safety

There can be a lot of injuries associated with hunting. For this reason, being well prepared is the only way you can guide against injuries or other serious accidents. Understanding some fundamental first aid and applying your gumption while hunting can save you your life and limb.


Learn CPR if you don’t understand what it is all about. To have a proper understanding of CPR, you can get in touch with your EMS, local hospital or fire department to inquire about when and the place you can have a community CPR lesson. This is necessary because accident that may warrant CPR on someone close to you or even a stranger may happen at any time you won’t even expect.

In addition, a lot of CPR lessons include basic first aid. You can confirm this with your local provider to know whether this option is available, prior to your registration for a CPR lesson. Read the rest of this entry

Archery, Hunting Bows, Arrows-Take your Aim.

There are only top selection of Hunting bow and Archery set listed on our website to help you make your next trophy shot.

When looking for a bow, find the best for accuracy shooting or the right one for your day. To make your hunting season perfect, explore the collection of compound bows, crossbows and convectional bows. Get the best hunting gear from brands like Genesis, Delta McKenzie, October Mountain Products, Archery and Barnett.

A hunt deserves breakthrough arrows and broad heads. The youth archery set suits Young archers. Get yourself blinds, tree stands, bow cases, releases and so much more. Read the rest of this entry

What should be in your survival kit

Losing your way in the woods you are not familiar with is a common problem. This is why you need a compass and maps of the area you intend to go hunting just so you don’t get lost. In case you get caught out after dark. Always have a flash light with extra batteries. If you can go for alternative flash lights that do not use batteries then the better. Also carry a traditional Bowie, a Swiss Army knife or other hunting knives and matches in a waterproof case.

If you are not skilled at finding food in the wild, you should consider carrying some candy bars, granola or dried fruits. You should never eat any plants or berries unless you are certain that it is not poisonous. You should also carry some drinking water. It is important to understand that humans can survive for weeks without food but only 3 days without water. In case you forget to carry water, make sure you boil the water you find on land before drinking. Read the rest of this entry

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